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Thread: May I ask a question about the single vs two phase stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by __dan View Post
    Or not. They have a right to their own beliefs. But they should also be honest with themselves about what they do and do not know. They have to be able to row out to the deep water and swim back. If they cannot, they have to be honest with themselves about that.
    I agree. Honesty and accuracy rate highly with me.
    Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by __dan View Post
    Single phase, three phase, there is still an underlying physical reality. If a guy wants to know *what* the observable physical reality is, but does not know trig, or had some in school and the memory scares him ... The math is a method of solving, a descriptive language. You can have a hard time ordering breakfast in a foreign language until you find a way of conveying useful information. I just want eggs, not the rest of the chicken or the house it lives in.
    A small tangential story...

    When I was in training for an oilfield job many moons ago, my roomie was a Peruvian national. He was very educated and his literal command of English was excellent, but idiomatic expressions threw him for a loop. One morning we went out for breakfast and I ordered a couple of eggs sunny side up. He got this confused look on his face and then exploded into uncontrollable laughter. I had to order for him.

    Don't even ask about french fries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ggunn View Post
    A small tangential story...
    Tangent! We back to trig Gunny...
    "Electricity is really just organized lightning." George Carlin


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony S View Post
    Is that the English or American version?
    Because you asked:

    I'm referring to the International Corpus of English.

    There are several CORPORA (plural of Corpus).

    The one hundred million-word British National Corpus compiled by learning institutions like Oxford, Lancaster and others have the most entry.

    The other one million- word American Corpus that was compiled by Brown University of Rhode Island is the first computerized corpus.

    Along with the first corpus compiled by the British in 1960, it is now computerized also with over a million words. `
    It is titled Survey of English Usage.
    You asked a legit question that deserve an answer.

    Thanks for noticing.

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