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Thread: Master electrician moving from Colorado to Oregon

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    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenje View Post
    We moved from Colorado to Oregon in 2003. I had both my Colorado Journeyman's license and my Colorado Masters license. Colorado and Oregon do not have a reciprocal agreement.

    Before they would allow me to test for the Oregon Journeyman's license, I had to fill out the application and provide them with notarized signed documents stating my work experience from my previous employers. They required 8000 hours of work experience in various aspects of the trade including industrial, commercial, & residential.

    It took the State of Oregon over three months to process my application. They then wanted an additional 8000 hours of notarized signed documents stating my work experience from my previous employers, because I did not go through the State of Oregon’s apprentice program.

    It took them another three months to process my application before I got the green light to test for the Journeyman’s exam.

    This was just for the Oregon Journeyman’s license.

    If you want an Oregon Supervisors license, they require an other 8000 of documented work history working as a Journeyman before they allow you to test.

    It did not matter to the State of Oregon that received my Colorado Journeyman’s license in 1978 and my Colorado Masters license in 1981.

    I tested for the Oregon Supervisors license in 2011 and pasted. The Oregon Supervisor’s exam is by far the toughest test I have ever taken. Compared to the Oregon Supervisors test, the Colorado Masters test was like a pop quiz.

    I am not sure what the new rules (if any) on getting licensed in Oregon. Contact the State and they will fill you in.

    Welcome to Oregon and good luck in your endeavors.
    I believe I commented on the OP post on electrician talk... and I will confirm this! The Oregon tests are far more difficult than Colorado. The Oregon JW was more diffficult than the Colorado masters to me. Washington Admin/Masters made the Colorado masters look like a joke of a test. It’s not the code, it’s the calculations. The code and wac aren’t much of a test(Admin test they give you 4hrs, I used 1hr45min and got a 94%) the calculations, I used all two hours the first time and had to visit a second time a few weeks later)

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