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Thread: Pool equipment supply

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    I have a contractor
    do those words mean same as "I am the GC", or perhaps you are the prime electrical outfit who sub'd out ??

    if you are the GC or prime, it's on you, if you are not the GC or prime then why worry about it?

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    If he's the last guy on the job, then he is liable.

    I would insist to the pool contractor corrections need to be made ASAP. If the pool contractor does not concede to the proper corrections, write a registered letter to the pool contractor, return receipt, stating the corrections needed to CYA!!!!! A paper trail is paramount. Now it's ALL on the pool contractor. I would keep a log of conversations and/or meetings with the pool contractor as a matter of record for your sake.

    Attorneys DO NOT like paper trails. Take photos if you can for further back up.

    As it's said, If you see something, say something

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