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Thread: Squared D 30A disconnect recall

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    Only Square D recalls I have ever acted upon were notices sent to me by Square D, and was always involving items that were purchased through their program where the manufacturer quotes an entire job - they have a record of you purchasing products that possibly fall in the date code of whatever may have been recalled. One time was some I line breakers that had a recall, they had record of purchase which is why they sent me a notice but I had to verify date codes to see if I had any breakers affected by the recall. Some were within date code some were not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldDigger View Post
    I have not seen a detailed description of the problem which indicates that a subject disconnect will be obviously faulty when first installed. You have?
    It's not exactly detailed, but the instructions simply state to observe whether the disco opens or not. There's no indication that a disco that works initially is likely to stop working later at some point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SOLAR CHAMPION View Post
    I got a notice from PG&E claiming the Schneider/Square D 30A disco has potential hazard issues. Any more real info on this?
    Thanks - JOHN
    Its used to be VERY common back in the 1980s and prior I would guess to deal with 3 PH Disconnects in the range of 60-200 AMPS that would not correctly open when the lever was thrown. I do not recall the specific brands, but I do remember that they were very difficult to throw and the feel was off. Since those days me and most guys from that era always check to be sure the knives are open and also for other matters such as power being wired on the load side, terminals being bypassed with split lugs leaving one phase live all the time etc.
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