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Thread: Baptistry bonding

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aginghiker View Post
    Is a fiberglass church baptistry, 42" deep, considered a swimming pool as far as grounding and bonding are concerned?
    therapeutic tub?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fulthrotl View Post
    therapeutic tub?
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    The two I dealt with in Georgia, Atlanta area, were dealt with as hot tubs... but don’t know code sections, just what my reverend went through with his electrician to put one in our church. Never did electrical work there, only some maintenance and painting and sound systems... ran the sound

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbiss View Post
    If it turns out that the baptistery has no electricals and is like a bath tub then 680 wouldn't apply. However, I would think that the usual requirements for a bath would apply like distance from receptacles and switches, lighting, etc.

    Only usual requirement for a bath is no switches or receptacles are permitted within the tub/shower space. They can be immediately adjacent to it though. GFCI is required for 15/20 amp receptacles in a bathroom regardless of vicinity to a tub/sink etc. but not for general lighting circuits so a switch could be right next to the tub space with no GFCI protection involved.
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