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Thread: Tesla Powerwall

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    Tesla Powerwall

    Just curious - what inverter is now interactive with the Powerwall, how do I get one and how do i become certified to install them ?

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    The current Powerwall has its own inverter. It acts as primary source when the grid goes out. Any other utility interactive inverter will work with it in a microgrid as long as it's not sized too big for the system and load.

    You can contact Tesla and tell them you want to become a certified installer, but don't hold your breath on them acting on that. Last I knew they were not expanding their list of installers.

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    I just completed the Tesla Powerwall2 training, two weeks ago. Very straight forward. Biggest issue is making sure the CTs are properly oriented according to the trainer.

    I did my first install last week in an undisclosed location. It was easy. The installation did not require any adjustments to the installed CTs.

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