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Thread: Estimating class

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    Estimating class

    I bought the Mike Holt estimating book and I learned the basics. Does anyone recommend a good class to take for more advance training?

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    Based on my personal experience, once you understand the basics of estimating you know everything that can be taught. Everything else is based on having accurate data on the costs of doing the job especially labor hours. Accurately predicting how many labor hours each task will take (and making sure you include every task) is the key to making or losing money. It's also the hardest part of making a bid. You can buy a labor hours book, but every crew and every job situation is different so it's of limited help.

    My best advise to you is don't bid low just to win a job. You will be sorry you did. Bid high and you will win fewer jobs, but when you do it will be worth it.

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    Online estimating apprenticeship class

    We can help you out with training, we run the estimating apprenticeship class

    The class is online and runs 4 months

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