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    customer has several portable pieces of equipment using a wall mounted 3p 480vac 60a hubbel receptacle and 3p 480vac 60a hubbel plugs and SEOOW cable. A new piece of equipment requires only 30a and has a 30a plug and cable. Can I simply replace the plug or do I need to also replace the cable from the plug to the machine?

    Next question.
    On the new piece of equipment the cable feeds into a 30a disconnect (non-fused). If I change the cable, I'll also change the disconnect. Do I need to also add an additional CB or fuses? The disconnect already feeds into multiple CB's.

    Thanks, Bob

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    Best thing would be to install a new 30a branch circuit with the right receptacle.

    You can't replace just the plug because that's 30a cable on a 60a circuit.

    You could change the disconnect to a 60a one, use 60a cable & plug, but that might void a NRTL listing on the machine. Is the wiring from the existing disconnect to the breakers rated for 60a? That could also get you.

    If the equipment is newly manufactured, just go with a new branch circuit and don't mess around with the machine.

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    thanks.....I can't run a branch circuit........and replacing the plug, cable, disconnect and adding a new CB (just after the disconnect) is what I was expecting I needed to do.


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    Here in UK we could make a fused or breakered junction to run the reduced amps to the circuit.. making the circuit location a sub panel basically...
    closest I have seen in US from memory is the fused equipment disconnects where one cable feeds two disconnects... usually set so only one can operate at a time... each with their own plug set and fuses.
    or... possibly trailer parks... for the thirty amp / 50 amp outputs.

    but... not sure what US code is.

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