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Thread: Voltage drop on air compressor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodlandeer View Post
    A new air compressor was installed, and it requires no less than 208 "Y" 3 phase volt.
    The main service was tested at 199 to 201 "Y" 3 phase. just that drop in voltage is causing problems with the air compressor.

    Question: What is the best way to increase the "Y" 3 phase voltage up 8+ more volts.

    What are the problems you mentioned?

    What is the service load?

    Is POCO transformer large enough for the load or is an undersized transformer contributing to voltage drop?

    Boosting voltage may only be a band-aid if there is problems with inadequate supply is what I am getting after with this line of questions and can be more problems down the road, especially if more load keeps getting added.
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    VD issues

    The reading on the LCD display reads "LOW VOLTAGE" in running mode. The compressor seams to run fine but it still worries me.

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