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Thread: A question for seasoned contractors about business practices

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    Good Afternoon,
    I have been working as an electrician since the late 90s. I just started my own business in April and am still really trying to figure out the ins and outs of everything. Today I met with a fellow electrical contractor who has a commercial fit out he's working on, and apparently a lot of other work and prospective work. I was very excited to talk to him about sub contracting and then he asked if we could use my license for this project we were looking at, and I get the impression he may want to use it in the future. (I hold a master license, his is limited). I'm really just fishing for info. Should I be leery? Is this common practice? If so, what is the standard fee for the license holder? What kind of written agreement if any would I need signed. I would really like to form a partnership, but at the same time if I am ultimately assuming liability I don't want to get screwed or undercut. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, DWB
    Don’t farm license, usually liability would fall on you

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    Thanks everyone for your 2 cents. It has been very helpful!

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