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Thread: A question for seasoned contractors about business practices

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    Good Afternoon,
    I have been working as an electrician since the late 90s. I just started my own business in April and am still really trying to figure out the ins and outs of everything. Today I met with a fellow electrical contractor who has a commercial fit out he's working on, and apparently a lot of other work and prospective work. I was very excited to talk to him about sub contracting and then he asked if we could use my license for this project we were looking at, and I get the impression he may want to use it in the future. (I hold a master license, his is limited). I'm really just fishing for info. Should I be leery? Is this common practice? If so, what is the standard fee for the license holder? What kind of written agreement if any would I need signed. I would really like to form a partnership, but at the same time if I am ultimately assuming liability I don't want to get screwed or undercut. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, DWB
    Don’t farm license, usually liability would fall on you

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    Thanks everyone for your 2 cents. It has been very helpful!

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    your license

    Ask yourself what your license cost?
    Question #1 how much time and energy and money have you personally invested in your license?
    Are you willing to let someone else make a mistake or take advantage of it for an amount less than your answer to question #1?
    like the others said- get a construction lawyer if you do, he will be worth every penny. This guy only cares about money not liability if he searches out someone else to get the work. My guess is he did not tell the GC or owner that he doesn't have a license (which is what a smart individual would do) STEER CLEAR is my advice.
    Last year we had a clerical error and did not pay the license renewal and my company was dead in the water not being able to pull permit for 4 months until i could take classes and wait the renewal period. I have 2 very good friends with masters and even then it was the tallest of favors to use their license. So be cautious my friend

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