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Thread: Safety electrical warning signs/labels

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    Safety electrical warning signs/labels

    Greetings gentlemen, is there any references showing the type of warning symbols and labels which are needed to be posted on electrical switchgear, MCC, fence of transformer/substation, etc..

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    It really depends what you are trying to accomplish.

    For general safety signage ("Danger, Keep Out" type and specific warnings for authorized workers) I would look to ANSI Z535.2. There may be others that are applicable, but I use ANSI signage a lot. If you look hard enough, there are a couple "draft" ANSI Z535 documents out there that don't require purchase. I believe ANSI is now making old versions available for web viewing, but can't find the webpage anymore.

    Here is a good, free guidance document for ANSI signage:

    NFPA 70E for arc flash labeling.

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