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Thread: retrofitting main panel

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    retrofitting main panel

    An electrician several years ago moved our main panel from outside to in. He used a 3 wire SEC from the meter base to the panel (which serves as the main disconnect). It runs about 15 ft under the house in the crawl space and then up the interior wall to the panel. Now I want to have a main disconnect placed under the meter base (with a few breakers to eventually feed a workshop) thus making the main panel a sub panel, and I am inquiring to if we can simply add a 4th wire to the SEC cable (I am envisioning taping it to the existing cable jacket) or do we need to strip out the whole 3 wire set and replace with a 4 wire SEC. Thanks Analogkid

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    I am closing this thread in accordance with forum rules. This forum is intended for use by electricians and electrical contractors, inspectors, engineers, and vendors with their job-related duties. We are not allowed to provide how-to advice to persons who are not employed in this industry. You need to have an electrician do the work that you are describing. That person can post questions here.
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