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Thread: Mike Holt Electrical Estimating, labor unit resources

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    Mike Holt Electrical Estimating, labor unit resources

    I got the MH Estimating book and was wondering about the "labor units" PDF. that came with it. Are they actually legitamate or is it just a learning tool?
    I have looked into buying labor units. One that I found was "2018 National Electrical Estimator" it seemed reasonably priced. Has anyone used it or seen it?

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    I don't know what MH has for units, but any bought labor unit guide is just that a guide. You will be competing with companies that use homegrown units from actual jobs their men have done. They will use bought units for jobs with no data from their own logs and eye the number with a similar function to go/no go the time.
    When you do your takeoff you will need to see the job in your head and use your data. Duplex trim ?5min. ea. Cover plate included, no splice, with setup/breakdown included. This how fast you can do it or 3.5 min.? So you would put 3.5 in the box not 5 from the book.

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    We have been using Mike's labor units (some things modified with our experiences) for over 20 years.

    They are scary accurate at the end of a job, as long as you put all the parts required into it.

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