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Thread: Article 225 - multiple multifamily building development - house lighting circuit?

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    Article 225 - multiple multifamily building development - house lighting circuit?

    I am working on a multifamily development that will have 6 to 8 apartment buildings. Each building will have an informational/address sign on the exterior that will be provided with a decorative light. We would prefer not to power these lights from a tenant panel, and there are no other loads needed that would justify a house panel at each building. I am wanting to power these lights from a single house panel located at one of the units, with the circuit controlled by photocell. What I am not clear on if this is permissible without having to provide a means of disconnect for this single light fixture at each building.

    Half of the buildings will also have a fire sprinkler riser room with a small space heater, light, and convenience receptacle. I would also like to serve these loads from the house panel. I can put a disconnect on the circuit(s) for these loads, but it would not be in the same location as meter bank / disconnects.

    Hoping to find some insight. I may just provide a house panel in each of the buildings with the riser closets, just hate having separate meter charges for such small loads. This still leaves the question of what to do with the one light at the buildings without sprinkler riser closets.

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    Is there one service for these buildings? Or does each one have an individual service. I'm not sure about your jurisdiction but in a my jurisdiction even with no loads a house panel and meter is required. Think about future expansios, what about exit signs emergency lighting service receptacles for cleaning crews in the common hallways?

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    Why can't you have a house meter and disconnect located with the unit meters and disconnects? Seems you have to run feeders to the individual units from there, what's so difficult about maybe a 60A feeder to a panel in the riser rooms?

    How many units per building?


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