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Thread: bonding gas pipe in house

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    And then, the 2017 NEC apparently won't allow the CSST guys to attach to the Intersystem bond by adding the word "Communication" to the title in 250.94.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcarroll View Post
    And then, the 2017 NEC apparently won't allow the CSST guys to attach to the Intersystem bond by adding the word "Communication" to the title in 250.94.
    Hadn't noticed that. Stupid IMO.

    Also think it is stupid that it is required basically for installations. Though I haven't been called out for it yet, I do a lot of farm installations that don't ever have other systems to bond to such a thing. Center pivot irrigation is starting to see web based control apps, but uses wireless communications for web access.
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    Quote Originally Posted by infinity View Post
    I agree, the guy installing the CSST whether it's a plumber or some other trade they should be installing the bonding connection, this is not part of the NEC.
    The scope of work requiring an electrical license is certainly not limited to the scope of the NEC where I live.
    It would be a steep fine for a pipe fitter or plumber to run a bonding wire in Oregon. Any state I am familiar with actually (CA, OR, WA, AK) all define whats considered designing planning and making an "electrical installation" similarly in law.
    “Electrical installations” means the construction or installation of electrical wiring and the permanent attachment or installation of electrical products in or on any structure that is not itself an electrical product. “Electrical installation” also means the maintenance or repair of installed electrical wiring and permanently attached electrical products.
    -- Oregon definition

    (1) Offering to perform, submitting a bid for, advertising, installing or maintaining cables, conductors or equipment:
    (a) That convey or utilize electrical current without having a valid electrical contractor's license; or
    (b) Used for information generation, processing, or transporting of signals optically or electronically in telecommunications systems without having a valid telecommunications contractor's license.
    -- Washington
    any person engaged in the business of, or purporting to be engaged in the business of,
    installing or repairing, or contracting to install or repair, electrical wiring, conduits,
    devices, fixtures, equipment, or other electrical materials for transmitting, using or
    consuming electrical energy.
    -- Alaska definition
    I would interpret running a bonding wire and making a bonding connection as making an electrical installation.
    Now the "mechanical contractor" might and often do employ an electrician and problem solved.

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