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Thread: Exterior light wall mounted doesnt need a junction box

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    Exterior light wall mounted doesnt need a junction box

    This is a exterior wall mount 'wet area rated" light. Going to be mounted outside flat against a Masonry block garage wall. website link:

    One will notice the exterior light has a 4.75 base backplate juntion box body that will attach to a metal plate bracket which gets screwed to the wall in this case * using masonary tapcon screws (vs getting screwed to the junction box inside the wall of the masonary block- because one does not exist).

    Now the fun part debate of facts.

    A Hole- 2in x 4 in was knocked out of the CMU (concrete masonry unit blocks)/stucco outside on wall. Original builder DID NOT put in a junction box or maybe it was removed? and the wall plate attached to the stucco wall: This is the wall plate talking about. Masonry blocking is hollow and the romex 12 NM runs into a metallic BX (armored cabling) then goes to a metal junction LIGHT box by the back garage door.

    So is the backplace design of this wet rated exterior light considered a JUNCTION BOX with proper NEC fillbox conductors requirements applied OR

    #2 Is this a no go, code violation (NEC or FL local) and a junction box must go into that CMU/Masonry wall (don't want an exposed box- would look ugly). * a sconce shallow junction box would not work.

    Now back in the day of the 80's and 90's when shiny chrome metal makeup vanity lights were popular in bathrooms (a wet area) some local codes, * and maybe NEC at the time, said that the unit it self was a junction box and builders ran the NM cable right to the vanity light with a clamp on the unit and NO junction box- punched a hole through the drywall. * only difference in this analogy was this was an interior light vs I am dealing with an exterior wet rated light and Masonry block.

    Attached is a picture of the OLD light set up- was this done out of code prior?

    Advise, thoughts, and facts? Maybe a link to this topic has already been dealt with. Cheers!
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    Don't know why the long dissertation. Fixture is obviously made to be mounted to a box. You don't have a box. You need to do whatever is necessary to install a box.


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    get plastic box... and some sealant... put hole in box for wire and start it through then put sealant on box.. push box in hole... if it has the plastic tabs on front, put concrete screw in it...

    install everything else...

    not too hard, unless you need to hilti the hole bigger

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    If it had "knock out" holes in the back wall it would have option to use box or direct wire. Your cables still would need to enter via a proper cable fitting though.
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