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Thread: Massachusetts Fire Alarm Systems

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    Massachusetts Fire Alarm Systems

    Hello All.

    I recently designed a fire alarm system in an industrial facility in Connecticut. When I wrote the Basis of Design I referenced the International Fire Code (IFC). I am now designing a fire alarm system in Massachusetts. I have the following questions:

    1. What standard is referenced for fire alarm systems in Massachusetts? I believe it may be NFPA 1 and the Mass Fire
    Code Amendments? The IFC does not apply in MA.
    2. Does the standard used for fire alarm systems in MA also make reference to Building Use Groups similar to the IFC?
    3. Does anyone know of a document that indicates which fire alarm standards apply to which state?


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    Rules vary by town. There is generally some uniformity but local rules still prevail. Your best bet is to contact the actual jurisdiction (the local fire marshal) where this system will be installed. Fire departments are very provincial in this area.

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    You are correct, it is NFPA 1 but you'll want to contact whichever city/town the AHJ is to get their own specifics. As far as one document that lists every AHJ and their reference, there isn't one. I believe the ICC site shows which states adopted it but even then, the years will very by each state which I think you can only really find that out by researching/contacting each one.

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