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Thread: Hazardous area panelborrds

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    Hazardous area panelborrds

    We are building a split bus panelboard using a Crouse-Hinds D2L panel. Typically these split bus panels only have one source of power using a contactor to feed the top section from the bottom. Is there anywhere in the code book that says two sources of power cant be used in a single panel. One to feed the top section and one to feed the lower section.

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    This scenario is not unique to hazardous locations. There is no general prohibition; however, where equipment is fed from multiple sources, there must be signage at the equipment indicating the location of all disconnects. Depending on the utilization of the equipment there may also be an issue with Section 100.3(B) and the manufacturer should be consulted. Ther may also be OSHA LOTO conditions to consider.
    Robert B. Alexander, P.E.
    Answers based on 2014 NEC unless otherwise noted.

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