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Thread: Can Category Cable be secured to a conduit containing Category Cable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbiss View Post
    Pictures would have helped a lot here. This is the first I'm hearing about two levels and sheetrock. I don't think the inspector has it in for you, he's just following what the Code requires. If you had only one cable it would be the same requirement. Nothing to do with weight.

    The audio guys didn't have to hang their cable, he let them slide just running above the grid in this area...

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    Ok, so maybe he doesn't like you.


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    You are lucky. Was doing a simple move a light in a grid one time... no big deal, just a few lights... that ended up right over the food shelves instead of over the aisles... in a shop in Jamaica... the inspector came in..saw me moving the lights, told the owner he was not passing it to reopen the shop until I had fixed all the wiring for the cat5 and audio cables in the ceiling that were run loose... turned a few hours into a few days...
    dont know if he did that to help me make money or to hurt me...
    Student of electrical codes. Please Take others advice first.

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