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Thread: 440V system voltage

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    Quote Originally Posted by beanland View Post
    Check the dynamic range for the inverter, 440 is 10% below 480. If the inverter is rated for use at 480V +/-10%, then it should operate successfully at 440V. Check the manufacturer literature.

    Inverters are current limited so a 480V inverter operated at 440V will have a 10% lower kW rating.

    The other option is a boost transformer to change 440V to 480V. The are small for what they do.
    It may run at 440V but if the voltage dips even a little bit the inverter will go offline. I'd look at buck/boost transformers to center the voltage in the inverter's range; they aren't that expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbrooke View Post
    ... break out a volt meter and measure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drcampbell View Post
    Only if you forget to put your leads back on volts... I've destroyed a few flukes like that
    I'm in over my head...

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