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Thread: Flex gas line bond.

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    I have never seen any manufacturers or code statement that states the bond wire shall run with the CSST. I am not even sure whether the bonding actually works or not.

    Here is a short pdf on the bonding
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    I've read that and understand the requirements, I'm just not sure of its effectiveness.

    It would certainly help if the gas pipe wasn't bonded or didn't have continuity, but in many cases its just running expensive #6 copper for nothing.

    Another burden on the electrician is having to read through plumbing instructions in order to be code compliant.

    Thanks fot your opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S'mise View Post
    My understand is that the bonding jumper goes from one end of the csst to the other like this.Attachment 21270

    So when lighting strikes the CSST will be fine but the FAC connection will blow up.
    All that does is create parallel paths. Whichever path is less impedance carries more current. With lightning that lesser impedance path isn't always as obvious as with regular AC voltage/current. On top of that with a fairly direct hit you have a lot of current and a lot of damage regardless, it is those nearby strikes that put transients into a facility that they are mostly concerned with for the added bonding.

    I think the intent should be to create low impedance path to ground that makes an attempt to bypass the gas piping, but if there is continuity to ground on the appliance at the other end it is nearly impossible to say there will never be transient current through the piping either, you have only made an effort to divert some of the current with the added bonding.
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