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Thread: Phase rotation

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    Quote Originally Posted by sameguy View Post
    Run outside and get a kid to do it.
    "always send a kid to do a mans job" I say... well she tried and no go. oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MAC702 View Post
    I was working at a large facility where one of the projects was to switch over from ten years of generator power to local utility which was finally considered reliable enough to use. After everything was hooked up and ready for the transfer, we raised halfway a large rollup door that was powered by a 3-phase motor. After the transfer, everyone in the room could see the door direction based on which button we pushed. Easy. And a load already designed to go both ways.
    Did you do this just to check rotation and then correct it if wrong? Depending on control arrangements your limits may not work if running wrong direction.

    Quote Originally Posted by rambojoe View Post
    I have know idea.. maybe someone could sketch the triangle diagram for me. the wife might be able to help- it keeps saying upload failed..
    Quote Originally Posted by jumper View Post
    Wrong file type or too big are common problems.
    Using a host site to store your image and [IMG] code in your post to the image works best. Uploading directly to this site seldom has ever worked for me either. Almost always been too large of a file.
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