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Thread: 277V LED Branch Circuit Voltage Drop Calcs

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    277V LED Branch Circuit Voltage Drop Calcs

    LED drivers are rated for 120-277V input voltage, so for a 277V circuit, do we need to even bother with voltage drop calcs?
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    Here in UK we have to do voltage drop calculations on everything even though it is 240 volts... not sure what NEC says...
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    The NEC never requires voltage drop calculations.

    Energy codes might require them.

    If the driver can correctly function with a 60% voltage drop, and no energy code or job spec requires higher efficiency, then as practical matter you might get to decide that voltage will never be an issue in any practical situation.

    Something to keep in mind is that if the driver is correctly compensating for reduced supply voltage, it will draw _more_ current as voltage goes down.


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