I was on a one-family residential job today where the detached pool house has all of the pool equipment, pumps, filters, pool automation, everything (except for the heaters, they're going to use an instant hot system) is in the basement! Also in the basement, is the 150 amp sub-panel for the pool house and the pool equipment. I understand that according to the 2017 NEC 680.14(A) that is considered to be a corrosive environment. However where the job is we're under the 2014 NEC.

I was asked to wire a motorized pool cover. The pool is located outdoors 30-40' from the pool house. The pool cover, has a PVC pipe run from the basement pull box to another pull box located underground where it is reduced to 1/2" carflex and terminated into the pool cover motor.

Questions that I have are:

Am I allowed by the 2014 NEC to run type NM-B (12/3 romex) wiring from the basement pull box to an old work switch box to be cut in exterior of the pool house so that the pool cover keyed switch is accessible from outside? (I think yes based on NEC 2014 680.21 (A)(4) but I'm a little confused)

Does the pool cover fall under "pool-associated motors" (I think yes)

Based on the 2014 NEC is the basement environment allowed to have NM-B wiring at all? (I think yes, because the corrosive environment isn't applied until the 2017 NEC)

Based on the 2014 NEC is the secondary electrical panel a Square D homeline (HOM3060M150) allowed in the basement? (again I think yes, because we're not under the 2017 NEC)

If it we were using the 2017 NEC I think all the home runs for the pool house would have to be in accordance with 680.21 (A)

Curious of your thoughts and experience in the matter, thank you