On a commercial project we have a main building with the main electric service and a 3 walled compactor enclosure about 20' from the main building. We have 3 circuits running to the enclosure- (2) 60A's for the compactors and (1) 20A for a light, from the main building house service. The plans reviewer originally quotes 2011 NEC 225.30 and says the enclosure is a separate structure fed from another building; therefore, only one feeder/branch circuit can serve the enclosure. However, after talking with the plans reviewer, he said that he was told later editions of the code (2017 maybe?) would consider the compactor enclosure as outdoor equipment and our original design with (3) circuits fed from the main building is acceptable.

I was not about to argue with the reviewer about this since I think having a 3R panel at the enclosure for 3 whole circuits is excessive and unnecessary, but I can't find this updated interpretation in 2014 or 2017. Does anyone know what "code updates" he could be referring to?