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Thread: Power logger

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    Power logger

    I was asked to determine if there is sufficient capacity to add a 200 amp 3 phase load to an existing 1200 amp 3 phase 480 volt MDP.

    I hooked up a fluke power logger to the MDP to record the power for 30 days.

    I am cretin that I connected the voltage and amperage leads correctly.

    however the reading I was getting seems odd.

    A and C phase were only pulling about 6 to 8 amps. however B phase was pulling over 160 amps. this MDP powers multiple transformers that step power down to 120/208 volt lighting and appliance panels.
    I am not surprised the 3 phases are not balanced, however I do not understand how just one phase could be so much higher than the others... everything in the MDP is 3 phase. I did not note and heavy single pole appliances in the 208 V panels.

    Just want to make sure a reading like this is possible and I did not goof something up when connecting the leads of the power logger.

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    Something don't add up

    I would think just core losses on the xformers would be more than 6-8 amps even if the phases were unloaded.
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    When I hook up our logger, I wait for the logger to record a sample and verify the results with an amp clamp before leaving the premises just so I know it's working correctly.

    Did you not amp clamp the wires while connecting the logger up?

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    Did you put the correct CT ratios in the meter for all phases?

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