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Thread: 480v Line installation

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    480v Line installation

    Hi guys. I am looking at running a 480v 14A Line to a Commercial Convection Oven. I don’t do too much work with this kind of stuff but figured I would help out our local school district. The have an existing oven there and are getting a new one. It’s currently powered by a Square D molded case 30A 3ph breaker. I really have 2 questions.
    1 - the manufacturers spec sheet is VERY BRIEF and does not say anything about fusing the discount. I have always referred to manufacturers specs on fused vs. non fused disconnects. Can I be safe in saying, as long it doesn’t SPECIFICALLY say “fused” in the paperwork, does it need one????

    2 - I am curious about the molded case breakers. I have been around panels where they are present but have never really understood them. The Panel board is an old 1600V Square D with most of the molded case breakers being pretty old. I am thinking of changing the current breaker to a new FAL34030 breaker. They also make an FA34030 breaker. Any idea what the difference is between these 2?? Any help would be appreciated.

    Tha k you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dansos View Post
    Any idea what the difference is between these 2??
    Looks like the FA is made to bolt directly into the I-Line bussing and the FAL is lugs-in, lugs-out.
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    1) Fused or non-fused .... you would only need a fused disconnect if the fault current is greater than 10kA. You can do a rough calculation of the available fault current based on the size of the service transformer.
    2) The "L" in the part number just refers to the breaker having lugs. The panel-mounted breaker would be the FA part number.

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