I have a friend from work that has recently purchased a 2-flat building in Elizabeth, NJ. His family lives upstairs, and his brother's family lives downstairs.

Building was built in 1906, and looks to have been wired sometime in the '40's. It's been partially electrically updated - fairly recent 100A Murray MLO panels in the basement, fed with 60A backfed breakers - but much of the building has "original" BX cable, powering 2-wire and "combo" receptacles.

There may be knob and tube somewhere too, but I didn't see any when I inspected.

I don't have the time to devote to this project - I think it will need a complete re-wire. Any EC's in/near the Elizabeth, NJ area who might be interested in looking at the building, and giving a price for an electrical reno? My friend is a carpenter, and a good one, but he's no electrician; I don't think he realized how outdated the wiring was when they bought the building. He's looking for a safe, functional install, without breaking the bank (this will be an unanticipated expense).

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