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Thread: Standby Generator NG - Near Garage window

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    Standby Generator NG - Near Garage window

    The most recent hurricane (from yesterday) has me focused on finishing my standby generator. I have an aluminum housing standby generator that can be as close as 18" from the wall. It also is supposed to be no more than 5' from a window. In the location where I want to put it, the windows are an issue. I'm assuming the code was written for one or more reasons: 1. egress during a fire (in my case, these are in a garage and the base of the window is 5' from the ground and would require a ladder just to open). 2. Fumes (this is a 3-car garage that is attached to the house on the opposite end via a breezeway). 3. Fire-rating of glass (this may be the only real issue, although the garage has lawn equipment and vehicles that use gas, which I would assume is a bigger hazzard).

    When we built the house the Electrical sub didn't seem to have a problem with our planned location, so I'm curious if we're in violation or not.

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    Even though you are a LV installer this is outside your expertise and is basically a DIY question, the forum rules do not allow us to answer those questions, you should have a local EC or generator installer assist you.

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    I am closing this thread in accordance with the forum rules.Roger

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