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Thread: 100HP 480v

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    How is a decision made as to the water flow rate feeding to wash plant now? If there is no flow adjustment now, what would be the criteria for making that decision? Are you looking for something automated, or are you thinking of having a person decide on the flow rate?

    In wash plants that I have done, the flow rate of the wash water is somewhat dependent on the flow rate of material into the screen (the ones I have done all involved vibratory screen separators). If you want to automate the decision on water flow rate, you will first need to be able to measure flow rate of product into the system, which typically involves a "belt weigh" transducer system on the in-feed conveyor. These are not inexpensive and require a level of maintenance expertise that might be untenable for many unsophisticated users. The simpler (yet less accurate) way of doing this is to have an operator with a potentiometer observing the wash plant and deciding on how much water is needed, making manual adjustments either to the pump speed or a proportional throttling valve. In 99% of those that I have observed, the operator gets lazy and just runs it at full flow no matter what, making it all completely pointless...
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    Explain more about this reserve tank. From what you explained the water pump is 100’ away from the reserve tank. Is this correct or is the reserve tank 100’ away from the wash plant and the 100 hp motor is pumping out of the reserve tank into the wash plant?

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