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Thread: todays graphic question

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    todays graphic question

    Ok... I know, probably a very dumb question, but... Todays graphic shows three meters and talks about proper tapping on a service conductor.

    Now, the graphic shows the first meter being the one the wire is going to from the utility. No problem there. It then shows the second meter tapping the first meter, and the third meter tapping the second meter... but, I thought you could not tap a tap?

    I mean, I was always taught that I had to tap only on the main conductor, ie the first meter... and the only other way was if the incoming meter connectors allowed me to wire there at the top by having two holes for each wire...

    Maybe I don't make sense and it has been almost thirty years since I was shown and taught that part of wiring... but the way I was shown was the boss would run the wire from the utility to the third meter and splice to the two meters in front of the third meter so he did not 'have too much power trying to run through any tap or splice' and the always said never tap a tap, always tap the main conductor.

    Again, just wondering if he taught me wrong?
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    The wire size, length, and OCPD rules for wires not properly protected at the source end (collectively known as taps) refer to feeder and branch conductors.
    There are no corresponding rules for service conductors. They can be protected at the downstream end.

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    I am with Goldy. There really are no “service taps” per se with service entrance conductors in the NEC.
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