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What I'm seeing here is the need for a new product (or somebody making me aware of an existing product) that goes inside boxes and blocks rotozip blades from cutting the wires. I'm thinking friction fit, 1/16" steel, with a little handle in the middle for removal. When installed, it will sit 1/4" back inside the box. Maybe it should have some words printed on too like "Hey drywall dude, you're supposed to cut around the outside of the box, not the inside."

Also, some new contract language is needed such as "each instance where the drywall is not cut correctly around a junction box including: (1) the box being hidden; (2) the box being too deep within the wall; (3) the box being damaged; (4) the wires being damaged; and any other similar occurance resulting in extra time and materials to repair; shall be charged as an extra item."
Just occurred to me the problem with this product: it will require another trip. Normally after rough-in I would get an inspection and not see the place again until trim time. Since these can't be in place for the inspection, another trip after the inspection for installation will be required. And of course there is the expense of install and removal labor. Why can't drywallers just do a good job?