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Thread: Replacing 400w metal haildes with LED's . Parking lot lights ???

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    Replacing 400w metal haildes with LED's . Parking lot lights ???

    We have around 40 metal halide 400w pole light fixtures in our parking lot . Our company wants to possibility install LED types for the energy saving's . Is there that much of a cost savings going with LED's on the pole lights ? If we do , should we change the whole light fixture or install the LED bulbs they now sell leaving existing ballast in place ? Looking for advantages and disadvantages in doing this ... Any info would be appreciated ..

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    If you're going for best energy saving, it's always better to remove the ballast from the power pathway.
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    Is there much energy savings, yes most definitely. Probably get a grant from POCO to pay for
    Plus no relamping as basically lamps are good for 20 + years, no hazardous materials (lamps) to deal with.
    You can replace HID with screw in corncob lamps, I have not seen good lamp life with those.
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    New fixtures designed for use with the LEDs are probably the better way to go, one for heat dissipation, second the new glass, reflectors, etc. will pass more light than older ones.

    As for cost, you would have to look at new fixtures cost versus maintaining the old, lamp lifespan, and of course power usage. 40 400w lights running 12 hours a day year round is ~64,000kw-hr/year, or ~$6400 @ .10$/kw-hr.

    Multiply that number by the percentage of power a comprable LED uses over its metal halide counterpart, use exact numbers of your actual energy cost to get your Energy savings.

    As Tom mentioned, Poco incentives may make it even more attractive.

    Eta: I looked at one 400 watt LED replacement bulb, corn cob style, uses 120 watts which is 30% of the power used by 400 watt metal halide. With the above math that would save ~$4,500 per year in energy costs. At $110 a piece, the bulbs would pay for themselves in 2 years or so counting installation costs.
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    In my experience, it’s best to change the fixture. The optics of the LED are designed to maximize the light output. And you can order them in specific beam spread patterns to fit your lot the best.

    I’ve done the corn cob style replacement, and it isn’t comparable in my opinion. But if you’re just trying to save money, it’s the best option.

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