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    All fine & well, but...nothing beats being established w/reputation

    it's all about how to get there....~RJ~

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    Quote Originally Posted by PowerSystemsElectric View Post
    ..It's good to build out your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn profile. Yep...I said Pinterest. I'm not good with the social media thing, but clients will snoop around on you to find out all they can...
    Getting fake hate reviews from competitor trolls on Yelp, and Social Media is easier than building a repeat-client base of genuine customers.

    Social Media is the bastion of Fake news, Fake accounts, and Competitor Trolls hating on your business with fake reviews.

    SEO robo calls for Google optimization are unstoppable, no matter how fast you hang up. The only SEO's I give the time of day are clients of mine that happen to be in the SEO business.
    Roger Ramjet NoFixNoPay

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