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Thread: Classification of Fuel testing Lab

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    Classification of Fuel testing Lab

    We are trying to confirm that NFPA 45 and NFPA 70 requirements for classifying a fuel testing lab room allow the designer to determine classification based on the hazard. NFPA Chap 5, sec 5.6.2 states they are unclassified with respect to Article 500 unless determined to cause a hazardous atmosphere. In a lab with a fume hood that is vented to the outdoors and has makeup air supplied, the hazard is controlled inside the hood, is there any other section of NFPA 70 or NFPA 45 that would require the entire lab room be classified as Class 1, Div 2?

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    As usual, electrical area classification is usually a judgment call by a person competent to make such a call. If the entire laboratory facility is consistent with NFPA 45, especially chapter 11, then classifying the general areas Class I, Division 2 is unnecessary.

    I saved a major refinery’s laboratory project over $1.2M by pointing this out. Of course, I am/was a person competent to make such a call. I did run it by the AHJs first (local BO and insurer), but had no problem convincing them.
    Robert B. Alexander, P.E.
    Answers based on 2014 NEC unless otherwise noted.

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