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Thread: Ground rod required at new building

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    A few things that might help:

    1. You can use GFCI breakers instead of receptacles.
    2. If you use receptacles, you only need one per run on the first of run, provided it's wired in series to protect receptacles downstream.
    3. You can access the latest code (or whatever code you're under) online for free. Must view it on the nfpa site, but very nice for researching stuff like this.
    4. Consider combined GFCI/AFCI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jumper View Post
    The problem is that no ground floor of these out buildings are actually at grade level, if you do not have at least a few inches of rise the floor would flood any time it rained.

    The question is really what is grade level vs a minimum rise IMO.

    1” or 1’, is either or both above grade level? IDK
    Why can't one raise grade before building on it? It is done quite often for drainage purposes. Would also be poor design to put in a wood floor if in a location you expect it to flood frequently.

    I don't think 210.8 is about temporary flood issues for something that isn't expected to flood on a regular basis.
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