A manufacturer of an LED Highbay fixture offers a pendent mount adapter, which is a J-box with a 3/4" KO in the top of it, that attaches to the top of the fixture so it can be suspended by a 3/4" rigid stem and hook.

Probem is, the makeup enclosure and access plate (just like any other you'd see on a layin fixture) is located at the end of the fixture.

There is no KO in the center of the fixture for the fixture wiring to pass through to get into the pendant mound J-box adapter, only venting slots.

When questioning the Manufacturer about the lack of an access hole or KO in the top center of the fixture, they responded with the solution to just poke the wires up through the slotted vent holes at the top of the fixture into the J-box.

I was taken back by the response.

Your thoughts?