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Thread: Inspector wanted neutrals in switch legs

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    Inspector wanted neutrals in switch legs

    I’m finishing out my basement adding lights and fans to the ceiling. At the rough in inspection, the inspector said I needed neutrals in my switch legs. This confused me, since the wires I pulled will have neutrals for each switch in the box.

    I drew up the schematic as the wires I pulled will be trimmed out. I ran it by a buddy who owns an electrician company, and he said it looks fine.

    I’d welcome insights from folks here. Am I missing something?

    The schematic does not show ground wires, and the 14/3 switch and wire can be ignored for this purpose since it was not at issue with the inspector.

    Sorry about the orientation being 90 degrees off.

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    The article section you will need to read is 404.2(C), with that said, the forum rules do not allow us to answer "how to" or DIY questions so I must close this thread.

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