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Thread: Sparking neutral to ground ?

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    Sparking neutral to ground ?

    Taking a exterior flood light down to replace fixture with motion LED fixture..
    With the switch off (and probably on too) there are small sparks when neutral contacts to metal grounded box..
    "IF" I were to remedy this, where might I look?

    I'm guessing a (the) circuit using that neutral is finding a better return somehow via that ground through another load?..
    Part of this though is this light outlet is the furthest outlet from the panel in this building.

    If I just through the fixture up and looked the other way, I don't think there would be any problem as the neutral and ground are separate at least at that point.
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    Presuming the EGC is at zero volts to earth, the sparks are the result of the neutral not being at zero volts to earth. Normal voltage drop on a normal circuit can cause this. For example, if the line conductor is at five volts below the supply voltage due to normal voltage drop, the neutral will likewise be at five volts above ground.
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    shared neutral with load on another phase. Happens all the time

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