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Thread: Circuit Breakers

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    Quote Originally Posted by tortuga View Post
    Ever since Connecticut Electric offered that Siemens breaker like that inspectors will accept any Siemens full size as a 'classified' interchangeable breaker..
    Inspectors may get away with murder, but neither Siemens nor CE classified this mechanical fit for any Type BR listing, not with UL or any NRTL.

    If Property Insurance inspectors identify the listing violation during a claim investigation, Fire Hazards are not insurable, and NFPA-70 has adopted insurance inspectors as AHJ's for investigating property claims for such violations.

    Insurance attorneys are full-time employee experts. The litigation costs of fighting expert witnesses arguing about fire-code violations, often result in out-of-court settlements for peanuts. The question is, what will Insurance forensics find first. If smokes / batteries are dead or missing, then case closed. Claim denied, nothing further needed.

    Listing violations are just another cause for property insurance to settle for peanuts, harm your client, who can point the finger at you.

    This "Interchangeable" product seems to be another case of Cavet Emptor or Buyer Beware.
    CE & Siemens would be found harmless, since "Interchangeable" is not regulated language, unlike "Classified" that requires testing for listings.

    Other cause for denying claim:
    Permit violations, 100A service conductors on new 200A equipment, or missing AFCI's, case closed, claim denied.
    Permit violations at Kitchen / bath / lighting remodels / sun room addition; case closed, claim denied.
    Fuse box found with moisture intrusion, evident corrosion, insect nests, dirt & debris, or if breakers fail to reset, or indicate on/off, then Claim denied, nothing further needed.
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