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Thread: Pool Bonding question

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    Pool Bonding question

    At the risk of looking like a total moron... I just need clarification.

    My question is this...
    "Is the equipotential bonding of a pool only intended on creating an equilibrium between all things conductive and NOT creating a ground fault current path to clear a fault?"

    I only ask this because I was confused when I read this from an article Mike H. wrote.

    "Bond, bonded or bonding" means the permanent joining of metallic parts to form an electrically conductive path that provides the capacity to conduct safely any fault current likely to be imposed. Proper bonding creates an effective, low impedance, ground-fault current path for the purpose of removing dangerous voltage from a ground fault by quickly opening the circuit’s overcurrent protection device.

    Im guessing the difference is equipment bonding vs equipotential bonding... just need to know for piece of mind.

    Much appreciated

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    That is correct. The equipotential bonding just keeps all metal parts of the pool and area metallic pieces at the same potential. Thus if there was stray voltage in the earth then everything around the pool would be at the same potential.
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