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Thread: Panel location inside the house

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    Panel location inside the house

    I am do to start a new house which already has a 200 amp meter and CB mounted away from the house.I believe that I can run just 3 wires to the house L1,L2 and N and connect to my ground system at the panel and keep the ground and N isolated. Also I should not be limited to the distance that I can go into the house to my panel because I am protected by ths CB at the meter.
    Does anyone agree with this?

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    Re: Panel location inside the house

    first if you run just three conductors to the house you will still have to bond between the neutral and grounding just use the bonding supplied with the panel. This is because you must provide a return path for fault current. This return path is not to earth it is to the source of the power and that is the transformer via the neutral. Grounding electrodes cannot be the return path as the resistance is to high and will only cause the grounding in the house to rise to the potential of the line voltage (120v) and will be a shock hazard.
    Unless you can meet 250.32 (2)
    I do think you will have to run a grounding conductor with your feeders as the bonding of the neutral might not be allowed on the load side of the service disconnect. and then you can keep the neutrals and grounds separate.

    second you must have a disconnect at or just inside of the house it doesn't have to be fussed as this was done at the pole but since you are locating the panel away from the outside wall there has to be less that six means of disconnect for the building located close to the point of entrance of the feeders to the building. as required by 230.70(1), this could be a main breaker in the panel but only if it located close to the point of entrance. not on the other side of the house.
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    Re: Panel location inside the house

    The 200A disconnect located away from the house is the service disconnect. The panel in the house then becomes a sub panel except that it requires a main breaker as a disconnecting means for the house. Neutral and ground are bonded together at the outside disconnect. An equipment ground must be run with the other three conductors back to the house panel. Neutral and ground are NOT bonded together in this panel.

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