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Thread: Elevator electrical code

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    Elevator electrical code

    Recently our installation of the electrical system for an elevator was inspected. The inspector said the electrical installation within the elevator pit must be NEMA 4 because the elevator pit had a fire protection head within the pit. I cannot find this requirement within the NEC. What code requires NEMA 4 boxes and what does the code state exactly?

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    Re: Elevator electrical code

    It may be part of your local elevator code. Check with the elevator people. I just did an elevatot install in an old school building and had to use weatherproof for the pit lite switch and the maintenance outlet. We were also required to us jelly jar fixtures(weatherproof) for the pit lites. I did not have to use rigid or imc however they let us use emt and sealtite.

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    Re: Elevator electrical code

    Requirement of ASME A17.1 requires all equipment within 4 feet of the pit floor to be NEMA 4 rated.

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