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Thread: wastewater treatment plant class 1 div 1?

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    wastewater treatment plant class 1 div 1?

    I have a wastewater treatment plant which has methanol present in the control building. The methanol will be stored in 55gal drums. The building is divided into two rooms with a precast concrete wall and a door that allows access to the chemical side of the building. The other side of the building will house the control panels. Each side of the building has an exhaust fan that will run continuosly.Will a class 1 division 1 clasification be required?

    At the treatment plant itself there are several blowers above grade and several pumps located in the tank sections. All safety switches and junction boxes are located above grade housed in fiberglass manways. Will a class 1 division 1 classification be required?

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    Re: wastewater treatment plant class 1 div 1?

    I recommend you get a copy of NFPA 820-fire protection for wwtp. it has drawings showing area classifications for WWTP's.
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