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Thread: three phase motor

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    three phase motor

    The local "Y" recently had its 3 phase pool pump motor replaced. For the past week, the motor has been running hot, noisy, and blowing fuses.

    Cleaning and tightening loose connections and nicked conductors, I got the motor running again, though I thought it was running hotter than it should have. After two hours, "Y" called to say that the a fuse blew again.

    The 5HP 3phase replacement motor nameplate indicates a voltage of 200V - but the facility is served by a delta connected 3phase. - the available voltage is 240V. Could this be the source of the problem?

    Your help is appreciated by a cash-strapped non profit.

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    Re: three phase motor

    A 200V motor is rated to handle upto 220V max. I would think that's your trouble.

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