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Thread: nm cable(romex) damaged insulation

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    nm cable(romex) damaged insulation

    99 NEC 110-7 Does this allow the use of UL tape to repair scuffed or skinned cable jacket and conductor insulation?

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    Re: nm cable(romex) damaged insulation

    a "scuffed" or "skinned" cable jacket does not mean they create a "short circuit" or a "ground" as refered to in the article 110.7 . this would be up to the inspector and he would probibly refer it to article 110.12 --- "shall be installed in a neat and workman like manner". personnelly, i don't have a problem with a cut in the cable sheath as long as the tape is of good quality and is applied to the same thickness as the sheath in the damaged area. but if the installer has too many tapped areas in the judgement of the ahj he could have him replace the damaged cables. my .02 cents....

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