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Thread: Island receptacles

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    Re: Island receptacles

    It seems to me that this is one of those areas that each inspector may view differently, some inspectors dont want them at all. I know our local guy does not like them, I would call your local inspector and ask. Maybe some of the inspectors in this group could give you a little more insight.

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    Re: Island receptacles

    I think this is one of those that you have to be there to make the call.

    A island could be a room divider just as a peninsula can be a room divider. If the end of the island (small dimension) faces the other room, then probably not going to be wallspace. If the long side faces, then it could be wallspace.

    Most new houses (in our city) now have a family room facing the kitchen. so the "wallspace' recep's cannot be on the SA circuits. Well they call it a family room, even though everybody probably sits there and eats in front of the TV.
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