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Thread: shower and tub space

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    shower and tub space

    I think they should add something that states exactly what the shower and tub area is for recep and switch. some of the edition say you cant install a switch or recep in a shower or tub area unless it part of the shower or tub assembly and others say you can't intsall a recep in a shower stall and a switch can't be installed in a shower space. A what shower space the only thing that comes even close to giving you a describtion of a shower space is for luminaries. Please give me some feed back.
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    Re: shower and tub space

    It sounds like you want to make a definition as to what constitutes a shower or tub space. Put it into writing and let us chew on it.
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    Re: shower and tub space

    NEC-2005 406.8(C) Bathub and Shower Space. Recptacles shall not be installed within or directly over a bathtub or shower stall.
    NEC-2005 404.4 Wet Locations. A switch or circuit breaker in a wet location or outside of a building shall be enclosed in a weatherproof enclosure or cabinet that shall comply with 312.2(A). Switches shall not be installed within wet locations in tub or shower spaces unless installed as part of a listed tub or shower assembly.
    Have you experienced confusion regarding these codes? They seem self-explanatory without definition.

    Look at the welcome message at the top of this area, and rephrase your proposal. It might be clearer that way.

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    Re: shower and tub space

    (C) Bathtub and Shower Space. A receptacle shall not be installed within a bathtub or shower space.
    This has been cleared up a bit in the 05 code. Look at the wording I have posted from the 2002 code and compare that to what George posted from the 2005 code.
    Don, Illinois
    The code only applies to T&M does not apply to contract work.

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