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Thread: RF Coil Winding Formulas & Transformers

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    Red face RF Coil Winding Formulas & Transformers

    RF Coil Winding Formulas

    Using the equations below, the inductance of air-core coil can be calculated to within 1% or 2%

    T = Number of turns
    I = Inductance in microhenerys
    W,C and H are measured in inches

    Example 1: Single Layer Coil

    2 2
    I = H T
    9H +10W

    Example 2: Multiple Layer Coil
    2 2
    I = 0.8 (H T )
    6H + 9W + 10C

    Example 3: Single Layer, Single Row Coil

    2 2
    I = H T
    8H + 11C

    What does RF coil stand for? Where would I need to use the RF Coil formula?

    Please direct me to reference materials that can explain in depth Transformers (Three phase to Two phase, Two phase to Three phase, Open Wye Delta, Delta Wye, Wye Wye) and their use for different applications.

    By no means am I being lazy. I have and will take the time in researching. I would appreciate input, though.

    Thank you
    Justin J. Walecka

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    Radio frequency coils your problems change with increase in frequency.
    A whole new area of study. :mad: :cool: Am FM VHF UHF microwave
    switching power supplies 20k-40k Hz
    inductive noise suppression filters
    To the rational mind nothing is inexplicable,
    only unexplained.

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